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About The Show

A hidden Latina history, pop music fantasies, sex, war, black-market cheese & child-snatching… True tales of a gender non-conforming tween in '70s Texas. Comedy and drama collide in the shifting realities of a gender-nonconforming 10-year-old navigating his mondo-beyondo life and family in 1975. Playwright and actor Samuel Garza Bernstein channels his own childhood, running past all the red lights at the intersections of religion, ethnicity, wealth, transient poverty, and gender nonconformity. A kid rules the world! Because it’s his world. And it won’t be a secret for long… (A solo show with music, 70 minutes) 

Vaccination Required for Entrance, Masks Required According to Prevailing LA County Recommendations at the time of Performance.

Photo Credit: Joshua Michael Shelton

Babyhead Productions and Kung Fu Monkey Productions in association with Ronald Shore present “The Secret World of Danny Lopez” Samuel Garza Bernstein (playwright/”Danny”), Nicole Brandon (voice of “Linda”), Yolanda Caponera (voice of “Hattie”), Barry Creyton (voice of “Announcer”), Rachel Dahill-Fuchel (voice of “Helen”), Jack Geren (voice of “Ivan), Darcee Golden (voice of “Amy”), DW McCann (voice of “Lenny”), Marc I. Rosenthal (director), David Svengalis (producer), Derek Christiansen & Ruby O’Brien (scene, lighting & projection design), Mia Glenn-Schuster (sound design), Fedor Rogovets (costume design), Noriko Olling (music composition), Glen Alen (make-up/hair design), Tom Funk (musical sequence videography), Brian Weiner (musical sequence photos), Joshua Michael Shelton (poster photos), Jerry Kalaf (recording engineer), Erik “Wolfie” Wolford (videographer & editor), John Filizzola (public relations), Wyn Wilson (movement coach), Kristina Horan (web design), Samwise Aaron (asst. to the director), Raaghav Minocha (associate producer), Jessica Miano Kruel (production crew), Anthony Nguyen (production crew), Beth Scorzato (production crew), Sarah Templeton (production crew), Danielle del Rosario (house staff), Christian Kim (house staff), Allen Levin (theater owner), Ronald Shore (executive producer), John Rogers (executive producer), Jennifer Court (executive producer)
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Cast & Crew

Samuel Garza Bernstein

Playwright & Performer


David Svengalis

Marc I. Rosenthal


Kung Fu Monkey Productions

Ronald Shore

Executive Producer

Babyhead Productions

Derek Christiansen

Scene, Lighting, and Projection Designer

Ruby O'Brien

Scene, Lighting, and Projection Designer

Noriko Olling

Music Composition

Wyn Wilson

Movement Coach

Kristina Horan

Website Designer

Allen Levin

Theater Owner

Fedor Rogovets


Joshua Michael Shelton

Publicity Photographer

Raaghav Minocha

Associate Producer

Jerry Kalaf

Recording Engineer

Mia Glenn-Schuster

Sound Designer

Glen Alen


Brian Weiner

Musical Sequence Photography

Samwise Aaron

Assistant to the Director

Erik "Wolfie" Wolford

Videographer & Editor

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"I'm a figment of the imagination of a 10-year-old boy named Danny Lopez. Come see him in his secret world where anything is possible."

"Ain't No Mountain High Enough!"


Danny hasn't seen his mother for a year while he's been living in Cairo with his father. He imagines a reunion worthy of a television spectacular, with he and his mom both morphing into glamorous celebrities.

"Paloma blanca"


Upon learning of a secret Latinx history, Danny contemplates what that might mean for him.


"Get Happy"

Danny wholeheartedly believes he can create a Technicolor future for himself.   


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